Strangeness at the Daily Mail

OK, I know how difficult it is to get a piece into a newspaper. I know that the most difficult one will always be the first.

But the way you do this is you phone people up, pitch ideas to them, email them, try to make sure that what you\’re proposing is up their alley and so on.

Can take a long time but that is the way that you do it.

Except it appears at the Daily Mail.

They\’ve got a campaign going about wheelie bins. I\’ve got a great line for them, an interesting possible column. I\’m not worried if they reject the idea, that\’s part and parcel of the game. But you\’re not allowed to even pitch an idea. They\’ll only entertain suggestions from writers they already know.

Just a strange way of doing things, that\’s what I think.

7 thoughts on “Strangeness at the Daily Mail”

  1. The Daily Mail is a strange newspaper, by strange people for strange people. I’d have thought that was pretty obvious 🙂

  2. I’ve been trying to get something published by them (they pay well by all accounts) but they won’t entertain any new faces at all. Oddly though they’ve just signed up Janet Street Porter. I wouldn’t have had her down as your average Mail reader. Still, just goes to show that old lefties will do anything for cash.

  3. The big wheelie bins, especially the ones you put your newspapers and cardboard into, actually make excellent accomodation for dossers. They turn the bin face down, get in and wrap themselves in the newspapers, and close the lid.

  4. That is about the most useful thing you can do with copies of the Daily Mail too.

    It’s certainly good for bugger all else..

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