Strikes again

Last time around these strikes were all about \”British jobs for British workers\”. Essentially, anger over EU nationals being shipped in to do jobs while UKites didn\’t get them.

Rightly or wrongly, that was the issue.

Around 1,200 contract workers walked out of the Total plant in Lincolnshire last week after 51 employees were laid off by one contractor while another was taking on staff.

They complained that an agreement not to cut any jobs had been broken – a claim Total denies.

Managers had sought to persuade staff to return to work but 900 of them were sacked on Thursday night, the Unite union said.

That particular part seems not to be an issue now, but the strikes themselves have escalated.

One thing though, are they actually allowed to sack people who strike? Does labour law allow that?

3 thoughts on “Strikes again”

  1. It’s an unofficial strike, without the backing of their union the GMB or a ballot so, yes, they can be sacked as they have failed to attend their place of work without good cause.

  2. Yes, it is ok, as Recusant notes – there’s a breach of contract. The only caveat is that if anyone sacked for striking is re-hired, they all must be.

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