Tecchie help needed

OK, so I\’m experimenting on a new site.

I need to see where my traffic is coming from, so obviously I need a stats package. The one on the site is pretty pants and will be for the next few months.

I cannot add Sitemeter or the like to the site as a whole (and the free Sitemeter functionality is really all I need, just a guide, not worried about real accuracy). However, I probably can add something to each post. If, say, there were something which you add a one pixel counter to each post, that then reporting back to me.

So, anyone know if there is something like that out there? A stats package which is pretty simple, which resides inside a post rather than on the site as a whole?

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  1. It rather more elaborate than a 1 pixel counter, but try Woopra.


    Tim adds: Thanks, but that won’t work. Looks too complex for a start, but it’s in closed Beta, so I can’t use it anyway and….limited to 10,000 page views a day. I’m well beyond that already, on day four of the experiment.

  2. Not enough details to be sure, but Livejournal disallows all stat packages that use javascript, so a site called ljtoys.com came up with an image embed system that would track stats.

    Unfortunately, without a javascript function, I don’t think you find where people come from, only what they look at, image bugs will display the referring site as being the page they’re on, not where they came from. worth a try though.

    Or ask your current webhost for this place (still DK?) if he can give you a tracking image—ideally you’d want a different one per page, which I’m told could be scripted easily.

  3. Tim,

    Mailed you – sitemeter does a teeny image type really basic service if you absolutely cannot have any javascript in the page template.

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