Thousands of motorists were caught by the camera including Alan Dawe, a lorry driver, who was caught travelling at 41mph.

He challenged the fine and during the court hearing it was discovered that the paperwork giving legal authority to the speed camera identified its location incorrectly.

It was recorded as having been placed in Seatown Road, when the camera was in Duck Street.

As a result every speeding ticket issued since the original Traffic Regulation Order was drafted is illegal.

A spokesman for the Dorset Strategic Safety Camera Partnership said it was contacting all 24,889 motorists to inform them of the error, outlining what they need to do to get their fines refunded. If the penalty points are still on their licences, they will be rescinded.

They can\’t even place a speed camera legally and yet they insist that they can run the health service, education and in increasing detail, the rest of our lives.

They\’re simply not competent to do this, are they?

3 thoughts on “Tee Hee”

  1. Hmmm… So they’re generously going to tell the 24K+ motorists how to get their fines back and points removed… I wonder what they’ll do about the (almost inevitable) few who’d points constituted the last 3 of the “totted-up” 12? – who then lost their licences, quite possibly jobs, as a result perhaps homes, marriages..?

    It’s probably a shame that nobody who’s been so effected would have the wherewithall to mount a serious legal claim for compensation – based upon such demonstrable incompetence.

  2. It’s been said many times that our current government couldn’t manage a fucking whelk stall. It’s getting to the point where Whelk sellers should be taking legal advice when this is said. To be associated with this government in such a manner could seriously damage their business.

    I wouldn’t leave this government in charge of a fucking whelk.

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