That €400 billion project

So, a group of private companies (ie, not taxpayers are to be gouged in hte making of this) get together and suggest spending €400 billion to get solar power from the deserts of North Africa to Europe.

It\’s long been one of the green ideas floating around to decarbon electricty generation in Europe.

Whether it\’s a good idea or not to me depends upon the technology and the sums….does it make sense financially.

That\’s not how some others see it of course:

Scheer was also critical of the fact that the project would \”duplicate the current system\” whereby energy distribution is concentrated in the hands of a few multinational companies. \”We should be looking instead at decentralising the system, and looking closer to home for our energy supplies, such as solar panels on homes or harnessing wind energy on the coasts, or inland,\” he said.

In other words, never mind the technology, never mind finance or economics, we must rather pray to my favoured God of localisation.

6 thoughts on “That €400 billion project”

  1. I just can’t see them funding €400bn project privately. I suppose it is over a number of years, perhaps annual spend is much lower.

  2. AC1’s smaller project.

    Make self replicating robots with solar panels and dump the rarer raw materials where they output the most electricity.

    32 years of doubling robots = 4 billion

  3. “According to the European Commission’s Institute for Energy, if just 0.3% of the light falling on the Sahara and Middle Eastern deserts was captured, it could provide all of Europe’s energy needs.”

    That’s an area of about 15,000,000 square kilometres, so the small sounding “just 0.3%” means covering 45,000 square kilometres with mirrors, which using the SI unit for large areas is about two Wales.

  4. This is laughable. The panels have to be cleaned from dust, etc. Where is the water coming from?

    Solar panels on your roof in Vermont. Happy shoveling. Don’t fall off the ladder.


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