The crime of sexual harassment

Half of prison service staff personally experience sexually explicit language and sexual jokes and stories every week while at work, according to an internal survey of workers.

Female staff are more likely to experience unwanted persistent attention, bullying related to gender and inappropriate or unwanted touching.

What did anyone expect what with their being surrounded by criminals?

4 thoughts on “The crime of sexual harassment”

  1. Here we see the inherent puritanism of the anglosphere social reformist left (who love to pretend to be hep swingin’ liberal cats, but are are really prune faced missionaries, for that is their heritage). The presumption is that a dirty joke is automatically a bad thing.

    Having been generally a blue-collar kind of worker, I have to admit to having experienced rather a lot of “sexually explicit language and sexual jokes and stories ” in my working life. Generally, this is a form of entirely normal social interaction that helps the drudgery of the day pass a little easier.

    The War On Fun continues…

  2. What percentage of prison inmates experience sexual harrasment of a considerably worse variety I wonder? Not, that I’m not a bleeding heart liberal, but I do think that inmates ought to be able to complete their sentance without being assaulted.

  3. I could only read the abstract where I saw “that this problem is not as ingrained in the UK.” I am not sure that this is the same thing as relatively low.

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