The fall of the House of Ussher* can disclose that Miss Ussher told the tax authorities that her Burnley home was her “principal residence” for a single month in 2007, enabling her to avoid capital gains tax.

According to a letter from her accountants, Miss Ussher had previously told HM Revenue & Customs that a house in south London was her principal residence.

The minister resigned tonight after she was confronted with the allegations by The Daily Telegraph. She also announced she would stand down as an MP at the next election.

* So how many people are going to use that headline?

2 thoughts on “The fall of the House of Ussher*”

  1. My first guess is that there is more to come out about her. Today’s Telegraph has revealed a lot more about one of the Labour MPs who had a phantom mortgage.

    P.S. Why is a government that contains Lord Mortgagefraud sacking the bit part players?

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