The Sun and Bob Crow

Tee Hee.

3 thoughts on “The Sun and Bob Crow”

  1. “London’s mayor Boris Johnson and Transport for London (TfL) have put in place a series of contingency plans aimed at helping the capital’s commuters get to work, including extra buses, taxi-sharing and schemes to lead cyclists across the capital. ”

    Pathetic. Truly pathetic. Find some HGV drivers, pay them basic training and deploy them next time the RMT go on strike on a contract basis.

    Or can someone explain why a tube driver’s job is any more than “go, stop, open doors, close doors”?

  2. Mind you, it’s best that you open the right doors. (Can anyone tell me why in God’s name there isn’t a mechanical device that stops you opening the wrong doors unless you go through a special procedure?)

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