This is a bit harsh

A NEWLY qualified bus driver is facing the sack after it emerged that she is a porn star.

The babe – who is reigning Miss Nude Belgium 2009 – passed all her driving tests following a six week intensive course last month.

But after she began work bus bosses spotted revealing pictures of her on a website and demanded an explanation.

The model – called Audrey – said she was then told to choose either modelling or bus driving as a career.

Audrey, 24, said: \”I was hauled before the director of human resources and he asked me to choose between my erotic career and my new career on the buses.

\”He said that I had to sign a form pledging that I wouldn\’t do any more nude pictures.\”

I\’m not sure that there\’s really any implications at all of her getting them out for the lads in her time off and her driving a bus.

Or perhaps this is more a tale of how little money there is in an \”erotic career\”?

6 thoughts on “This is a bit harsh”

  1. “…bus bosses spotted revealing pictures of her on a website…”

    Yes, I bet they did. During office hours?

  2. That the bosses ‘spotted’ the pics shows what kind of problems you can get into.

    I guess like applying for a job at the home office!

  3. You have to remember that this sort of thing is an offence against political correctness. That’s the only sort of offence that can cause the perpetrator anything more than mild inconvenience nowadays.

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