Those elections

No, I didn\’t get elected but yes, I did help some very good people to be so.


15 thoughts on “Those elections”

  1. Congratulations! Whilst I can’t say I voted for your party this time around I did think that Nigel Farage is 10x better than that smarmy git Kilroy and that he and Dan Hannan made a fine and entertaining double act.

  2. Well I voted for you here in Bristol mate!Pity
    you didn’t get a seat, but a bloody good night for UKIP.
    Too many spoilers on the ballot paper. What the hell are the English Democrats or the No to the EU bunch trying to do?
    If you could have gotten some of those votes, wow what a result that would have been.

  3. Congratulations to Ukip, it was a sensational result.

    Do you not feel a little embarrassed however that you have a played a minor role in getting a party elected whose campaign has focused so much on stopping free movement of labour?

  4. Dearie – I’m getting a lot of that kind of talk directed my way from friends and acquaintances. Some people are boycotting me for being right wing. I tell you, it’s hard being a Hayekian in Scotland at this time.

  5. Ah, the little-known Hayekian wing of the international fascist Nazi racist conspiracy – a hard row to hoe.

  6. Just heard Sheila Gunn on Radio 4 conflating UKIP with the BNP. She has come very close to losing her party at least one vote. Someone should tell Dave.

  7. I heard Nigel Farage (who comes across as a lovely man, shame about the expenses thing) on BBC radio saying that immigration must be much stricter and he would like to see job-related quotas on immigration, i.e. government knows best.

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