Time for an oldie but goodie

Council workers are taking nearly twice as many sick days as private sector employees, according to a study.

The \’sick note\’ culture in the public sector is costing taxpayers £4billion a year.
On average local authority employees take 13.5 sick days each year, compared with 7.9 days in the private sector.

Clearly working in the public sector is dangerous to your health.

We should therefore fire the lot of them……for the good of the workers\’ health, of course.

2 thoughts on “Time for an oldie but goodie”

  1. Fuckers, and I bet half of them are off with ‘stress’ despite working no more than 8 hours a day, having plenty of holidays, job security and a nice pension.

  2. A freind who worked briefly for a LA Town Planning dept. Told me that he was called into the managers office after about 8 months and asked why he hadn’t taken any ‘sick leave’ .
    ” Well I haven’t been ill” he responded
    That’s not the point, said the manager, if you don’t take any sick leave, the departments average will go down next year and some people rely on this for thier holidays.

    And on investigation he found this was true, the department had an average of 13 days ‘no questions asked’ sick leave per year this was on top of the minimum 25 days ( not incl those holidays that only the civil service get, like the Queens Birthday)

    a regular conversation went somehting like this.

    Drone: ” Can I have the first 2 weeks of July off please? We’re going to Spain.”
    Manager: That’s fine, no one else is off. How do you want to take it?
    Drone: 1 Week holiday and 1 week sick please.
    Manager: No problem , I’ll mark it down.

    This also had the added advantage that if you took most of your holidays as sick days, at the end of the year you could claim for any holiday not taken and get a nice Christmas bonus.

    Win – Win

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