Time to go to the boozer

If you\’re in London:

Save Our Pubs & Clubs: AmendTheSmokingBan.com, with Antony Worrall Thompson at:

The Buckingham Arms
62 Petty France
London SW1

on Tuesday 23 June, 11.00am-12 noon.

Being run by Forest.

2 thoughts on “Time to go to the boozer”

  1. Sadly not in London. But assuredly in the boozer (Quakerhouse, Darlington, an excellent establishment; hope you’ll excuse the plug).

  2. Why would any smoker pile in now to support the licensed trade?

    The government decreed that people like me should be forced to stand outside in the street, instead of retiring to a smoking room. We decided to stay at home instead. The beer is cheaper, and you get to invite your friends round to watch Sky TV.

    We have been chased out of cinemas (closed down), theatres (closed down), and now public houses. Maybe they should have fought against the legislation that turned me away.

    Fine by me. They mustn’t need my money. Let the fragrant non-smokers rush into the breach to save our pubs.

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