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At the Guardian.

There\’s no such thing as a gender pay gap, just a mother\’s pay gap, and we\’re already compensating for that.

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  1. There may be another factor that isn’t very politically correct but is worth considering- that is of some women choosing low paid work because it is more socially acceptable for men to subisidise women than vice versa. I can think of a number of examples of women I’ve known who have done this- for instance one family member who gave up a well paid career to work in a dog sanctuary for minimum wage. She felt this was her vocation, fair enough, but could only do so because her husband accepted and subsidised it.

    It seems to me less likely that a wife would tolerate her husband abandoning his relatively lucrative career for minimum wage in this manner. It also may well be the case that women who have always done such a low paid “vocational” job are under less pressure to improve their earnings. In other words, men are less free to, er, “follow their heart” in terms of jobs.

    It may be a factor.

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