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At the ASI.

On US health care. Do they spend too much or we too little?

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  1. It’s rare that you write something as gormless as that, Tim. The very notion of a “right” amount to spend is silly, looking at spending without any measure of return is silly, and failing to discuss the cruicial market imperfections – the asymmetric information, the monopolies, the divorce of payer from customer – is potty. Maybe there isn’t much that can usefully be said in the space available to you, but if so the option of not attempting it is always available.

  2. It depends on what you think you want. Halthcare is often another branch of showbiz. With ‘cancer cures’ and ‘ brave tots battling cancer’ and telethons etc. Not to forget the one on one audiences.
    Hence the feeling that sick people are a bother and a burdon on doctors and healthcare in general.

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