Don\’t you know that this doesn\’t happen?

The Bush administration\’s approach also needlessly targeted adult sex workers who were not trafficked and instead willingly engaged in prostitution and enjoyed decent working conditions.

In The Guardian, anyone who is foreign and a sex worker has been, by definition, trafficked.

Didn\’t anyone tell you that?

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  1. If there were no benefits then natives would be desperate enough to do the jobs that immigrants do- and with no job prospects there’d be a lot fewer immigrants (unless of course every native were intelligent, hardworking and enterprising- in which case we’d have a fair bit of immigration- aand no unemployment). With a benefit system, especially one that provides benefits beyond the dreams of people in the third world, there is bound to be aavery large number from said third world seeking to immigrate- either to claim the benefits, or to claim the jobs that native beneficiaries aren’t doing. If we then make immigration illegal, the demand will still be there and immigrants will come illegally, employing illegal organisations (traffickers) to facilitate the process as they can no longer use legal ones. Illegal organisations are of course run by outlaws, and I’m sure that they charge high fees (certainly, compared to the air fare) and rip off their customers.
    The choices seem to be-
    1/ abolish benefits, and immigration ceases to be any sort of problem. I think the chances politically of doing this are nil- at least unless option 3 is allowed to take its course
    2/maintain benefits and beef up border security and deportations- but we’ve no idea what this will cost other than lots more than is being spent now- can we afford the money for this level of security, and do we want the level of state interference that this will entail. Plus all the people being deported will be genuinely pitiable, and public pressure will probably undermine the security effort.
    3/ maintain benefits and not beef up border security we then get a regular flood of immigrants with no modern skills and from various different cultures. Even if natives are happy to become a minority in the country of their birth it seems unlikely that the benefits will be affordable, the country becomes third world, as are the majority of its inhabitants . Benefits being unaffordable, they will cease, and the country can start at 1 above
    Best compromise I can come up with is reduce benefits and limit them to natives. There will then be more natives doing the drudge jobs, and the remainder of drudge jobs will be done by a far smaller immigrant population, fed by a smaller immigration rate. With a low enough immigration rate the immigrants should become culturally native after a few years, the reduced benefits should remain payable and the culture of the country should not descend to third world.

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