Vote for meeeeeeee!

No, not in the euro elections, not yet, that\’s on Thursday.

Over here.

I\’m having a shouting match with a bunch of hippies about organic food and you can vote for me!

5 thoughts on “Vote for meeeeeeee!”

  1. It’s not clear on their website what is meant by “sustainable”. Will organic survive and continue to be part of the mix? yes

    Can organic feed the whole of britain economically? Absolutely not. Allowing France to maintain it’s peasant farmer agricultural policies is where much of the money wasted in the CAP goes to. I doubt the EU will be prepared to do that for us too. It just doesnt work that way ;o)

    But to get back to the point, it’s not clear what you mean by sustainable.

  2. Many of these organic food enthusiasts don’t know what organic means.
    Ask them and they’ll waffle about it being “natural” and not having “chemicals”, etc.
    Ask them about organic fertiliser and some of them know this is “manure” a.k.a. “sh1t”.
    “Organic food – grown in sh1t”; a good marketing slogan?

  3. Molly is full of (organic) crap. It takes MUCH more water for organic ag because it requires more land for the same yield.

    There are arguments for organic but sustainability ain’t one of ’em.

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