Today\’s the day you get to vote! So get out there and do so!

Of course, I\’d like it if you voted for me by voting UKIP if you\’re in London.

If you\’re not in London then I\’d obviously like you to vote for my colleagues in UKIP in other regions.

But most of all I\’d like you to vote. This is your day.

BTW, when you do so, make sure you unfold all of the ballot paper. Returning Officers have been folding it so that the last two, three or four parties in alphabetical order (you can see the problems for UKIP) are not immediately visible.

22 thoughts on “Vote!”

  1. This is your day.

    I find voting a rather unpleasant experience.
    Nevertheless, I voted UKIP on the only ballot paper where that option was available.

  2. Is there an offical way of folding the ballot paper (the same thing happened where I voted, Eastern Counties) and if so, shouldn’t they clear it with the last few parties in the alphabet?

  3. You got mine. And my girlfriend’s. On the ballot paper, I think only an idiot would not be able to figure it out. But their vote counts too, I guess.

    My prediction: Con 23, UKIP 17, LibDem 12, NuLab 10, Green, SNP, Plaid, BNP etc 10.

    Good luck!

  4. Although I wish the UKIP the best of luck, I wonder what the point is. Their only important policy – for the UK to leave the EU – is not in the purview of the European Parliament (please correct me if I err), so surely the level of support is valuable only as a message to our domestic parliament.

  5. “only an idiot would not be able to figure it out. But their vote counts too, I guess. “.

    Yeah, I’m all in favour of making ballots complicated enough to weed out the idiots, but it should disciminate against idiots of all parties.

  6. First time I have voted since 1997: no intelligent Scot has had a good reason to get out of bed on election day since.

    Found you at the bottom of the ballot paper and duly placed my cross.

    There is another anti-EU group on the ballot here, but it appears to be socialist, possibly of the personal vanity variety.

    We have had no election literature. Even the “main” parties didn’t bother, or could not raise the canvassers.

    Looking at the only people voting at 10 this morning, the wards “retired teacher” came iresistably to mind. No idea what it might mean these days.

  7. I’ve voted ukip in the past euro elections but not today, today I won’t vote at all. Any sort of vote in a euro election is interpreted by the euro elite as a vote for them, voting for ukip makes no difference to anything and just hands a small victory to those who really rule our country. The best way to show you want out of the EU is not to vote at all. I’m not voting in the locals as there is only a choice between parties who seem all to be on the take.

  8. Disagree on the no point in voting UKIP thing. The party has legs, an excellent leader and already 10 seats out of 72 British slots in Brussels. In that sense it is mainstream and thus the only mainstream party whose position is having us out. Now obviously they do not have the power to achieve that, but if those who were minded to turned out in order to get their seats up to say 20+, you have the beginnings of a groundswell for a credible UK-Out movement here at home. But if you take the position of Oh What’s the Use, thats *exactly* what Con, Lab, Lib and – especially – Brussels wants. I do not want what they want, therefore I vote UKIP regardless of whether that is futile or not. I like to think not.

  9. In California the state doesn’t list candidates names in alphabetical order- they do what they call a “randomized alphabet drawing to determine the order that candidates’ names will appear” on the ballot at the capital and send those directions to the counties.

  10. “…surely the level of support is valuable only as a message to our domestic parliament.”

    Yes, but then, there’s nothing so satisfying as a hearty ‘F*** you!’, is there..?

    And now we all know your full name, Tim 🙂

  11. Well FWIW I just cast one vote in UKIP’s direction, and then on the green paper was disappointed to see only the gang of three to choose from, so, gritting my teeth I voted for some idiot Conservative- the first ever time I’ve ever voted for a Con candidate ever in any election ever- and in retrospect I wish I’d spoiled that paper or just not marked it at all.

    It felt a little sad, voting in the church rooms on the Green, opposite the ancient church and the pub, the centres of English village life which are probably doomed now to extinction, however I vote.

  12. Ta, Peter. I must spend more time reading books and less reading Internet English. Another year or so and I will be functionally illiterate.

  13. Sorry but whilst I’m Eurosceptic, UKIP are so mainly on the jingoistic basis of keeping poorer people out-hardly the sort of free market solutions we’d expect from you.

  14. UKIP offered me the opportunity to vote for Campbell Bannerman. I must hope someday to get a chance to vote for Mr Gladstone or Mr Disraeli.

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