Worstall in The Times

As you know, I\’ve penned the odd piece for the Times. I\’m not the first of the family to appear in that august organ though.


Not sure of the date (1929 I\’m told), but that\’s Grandpa before he\’d met Grandma. This was one of his 8 crashes…..

Not sure quite why, but a crash on the Harrow playing fields while aiming for Cricklewood Aerodrome, it, umm, sounds like the beginning of an Alan Coren piece…..

From wikipedia:

The Hyderabad entered service with No. 99 (Bomber) Squadron RAF at RAF Bircham Newton in December 1925 [1], replacing the single engined Avro Aldershot bomber[2]. Deliveries were slow, and accidental losses were high,

1 thought on “Worstall in The Times”

  1. “This was one of his 8 crashes…..”

    Perhaps he should have gone to Specsavers Timmy.

    But at least he didn’t give up, go home, kick the cat, and sulk.

    My Uncle accidentally demolished an entire street with his locomotive (with no loss of life). He never let a little thing like that get him down though.

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