A very confused Coroner

A coroner has dismissed claims that cannabis is harmless during an inquest into the death of a trainee chef who died from the \”toxic effects\” of the drug.

What toxic effects of cannabis?

Geoff Roberts, the deputy coroner for Cheshire, said: \”People use cannabis and think that it is a harmless property. We have heard clear evidence in this case that it is not. Very sadly, Hadrian died as a result of the direct toxic effects on the heart that the use of cannabis had. As such, it was an avoidable death.

\”This case highlights that cannabis use is potentially life-threatening.\” Mr Roberts added: \”We have heard how over a period of time, for some years, he had used cannabis and perhaps other illegal substances.

\”This is a very sad case because, despite his turbulent past and cannabis use, he had got a job as a trainee chef. The post-mortem showed no findings of recent drug use.

\”But his body was left a legacy of using cannabis in the past, which directly led to his death.\”


Dr Sally Hales, who carried out the post mortem examination, said the teenager had inflammation of the heart and that \”a history of using cannabis, amphetamines and cocaine would appear to be the most likely cause\”.

Ah, the effects of meth and coke….not the effects of cannabis.

5 thoughts on “A very confused Coroner”

  1. come come – amphetamines needn’t mean meth, could simply be sulphate. Not a nice substance but not the same as meth.

  2. My rules:-
    1) Quacks are pretty good at diagnosing death.
    2) Cause of Death is much harder, though “inflammation of the heart ” is very likely right.
    3) The cause of the Cause of Death is harder again, which is why she cautiously says ” would appear to be the most likely cause”.

  3. Even if it were cannabis (which it patently wasn’t), then so what? Some people have fatal allergic reactions to strawberries or peanuts or shellfish or bee-stings.

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