Age discrimination

I dunno, dunno:

It was courageous of Selina Scott to sue Five for age discrimination last year: they asked her to cover Natasha Kaplinsky\’s maternity leave and then picked a younger model. Scott won, hurrah for her, and this week she delivered an angry diatribe about the \”ageist BBC\”, which had given Arlene Phillips the boot from Strictly Come Dancing.

Do I think there is age discrimination against women in presenting on TV? Sure.

But I think it\’s a bit rich some of these women complaining about it. For most (many? some? all?) were chosen for the job at least partly on the basis of their looks. Yes, that\’s also sexist and discriminatory but it strikes me that there are those who are entirely happy to accept the benefits of a high salary for being good looking but then complain when the looks are gone and they don\’t get that salary.

I\’d have rather more sympathy for their argument if they were fighting to make sure that some bird of 30, who also looks like the back of a bus, got one of those high paid jobs rather than whining that they only had 20 years doing it themselves as a result of the shape of their cheekbones.

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