An important public announcement from Dr. Caroline Lucas MEP

Killing baby seals is bad M\’Kay?

By closing the door on fur and other seal products, the EU has taken meaningful action to reduce the scale of commercial seal killing and prove to governments that barbaric annual displays of animal cruelty will no longer be tolerated.

In an aside to this, it’s also worth noting that the Green MEPs were keen to ensure that products from traditional hunts by indigenous peoples in Canada and Greenland will not be covered by the ban.

But only if you\’re an immigrant.

12 thoughts on “An important public announcement from Dr. Caroline Lucas MEP”

  1. I’m sure that as the seal is being clubbed to death it’s thinking “At least my skull is being bashed in by an indigenous person on a traditional hunt rather than on of those awful commercial hunters”.

  2. Well Brian you must understand that when certain communidees are slitting the throats of fully conscious lambs in the backstreets of Yorkshire, they are merely expressing their cultural heritage. Which is why these activities attract no censure from the greenies.

    But if a Scotsman were to go around wearing a kilt, and a sporran, they would naturally attack him with tins of paint. Obviously.

    I hope that’s all crystal clear for you now……

  3. We in Canada already have a huge problem with fraud related to ‘aboriginal’ rights.

    One can buy fresh salmon caught by natives at any damn time of year in defiance of fisheries regulations designed to protect the fish. The aboriginals cheat like crazy on all of the rules, which are crazily complex, and determined by woolly headed Supreme Court judges utterly bamboozled by aboriginal con-men telling tales of ‘traditional history’. It is to laugh out loud.

    My sympathies are largely with the Indians, and I can hardly wait to see the vast quantities of ‘traditionally hunted’ seal fur exported by the Indians and/or their ‘agents’.

    Oh well, after all, to lefties substance is nothing and form is everything, so it’s all good.

  4. It’s that hegemonic analysis again, post-marxism fans!

    Commercial seal-bashers are evil, because they are part of the hegemonic group, whereas indigenous seal-bashers are noble, because they are part of the oppressed group. Seal-bashing is banned not because of any inherent characteristic of bashing a seal, it’s because the seal-basher is a capitalist imperialist.

  5. So the greens are saying that its ok to be barbaric, as long as you have been that way a long time. If that is so, I know plenty of folks who would qualify for the hunt.

  6. I just do not see that bashing a wild seal on the head to kill it is worse than raising it in a cage, then shooting it in the head with a steel rod. Likewise for cattle.

    But you see I have both hunted and worked in a slaughterhouse so my perceptions are distorted by facts.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    But wait a second – what are people going to do in the post-Peak-Oil Zero-Carbon Green Utopia? They will still get cold but they won’t be able to use Gortex or even a fleece (made, as they often are, out of recycled plastic bottles).

    They will have to use natural alternatives. I don’t know how to break this to the Greens, but wouldn’t that sort of imply fur? Which is 100 percent renewable I might point out.

    In fact, in order to prepare us for this wonderful low emission future, I think Greens have a moral responsibility to encourage the wearing of fur. I intend to from now on in an expression of solidarity with all the creatures that may be affected by climate change.

  8. “…I can hardly wait to see the vast quantities of ‘traditionally hunted’ seal fur exported by the Indians and/or their ‘agents’.”

    Quite. How are they planning on differentiating?

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