Aviation emissions

George Monbiot:

Aviation accounted for 0.78% of total business turnover, a smaller proportion than the machinery rental sector. Yet it produced 13% of the UK\’s greenhouse gas emissions.


Currently, aircraft produce about 5.5% of UK emissions.

Airport Watch:

AirportWatch statement on the contribution of aviation to UK\’s total carbon emissions.  It is either around 13% or 20%, depending how you calculate it.

Someone\’s lying. Who?

Oh, the rest of George\’s piece is fun too. How badly the government has made a cock of planning. Which is why, of course, we need more planning. By government.

3 thoughts on “Aviation emissions”

  1. Airport Watch are unequivocally lying.

    Monbiot and the BBC aren’t, although they are both misleadingly precise – 5-20% are all estimates that have been produced of aviation’s share of UK CO2 emissions, based on various different methodologies.

  2. but I thought avaiation was so essential to our economy that we needed to build a third runway at heathrow and ensure that everyone living in London can enjoy planes flying over them at low levels from 5am every day?

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