Aw Gawd…..

Libby Purves:

It is about British manufacturing: now 13 per cent of GDP and 10 per cent of employment. In 1970 it was half the economy. We are still the sixth biggest manufacturing nation in the world, but the actual volume of goods we make has fallen by a quarter since 1997, and our deficit in visible exports is £93 billion. In the pamphlet, Dr Alan Reece of Pearson Engineering warns that “de-industrialisation” is causing national decay……

The Civitas pamphlet:

The idea of a national plan was discredited by the failed plans of the 1960s and 1970s but every economically successful nation has one, America included. According to Nations Choose Prosperity, published by independent think-tank Civitas, nations are in competition with each other in much the same way that companies are in a contest with their rivals.

Ghastly mercantilist crap. Nations are not engaged in economic competition in any manner resembling companies at all. Jeebus, Ruth Lea normally knows better than this.

Newcastle manufacturer Alan Reece, who has been warning of the dangers of de-industrialisation for some years, points out that \’the actual volume of goods manufactured has fallen to 75 per cent of what it was in 1997\’ (p.49) and blames \’the decay of a once-great nation\’ on \’its unique abandonment of manufacturing and, with it, physical science\’.

Let\’s look at those figures shall we, from the ONS:


Hey! We\’re in a recession! Who knew?

Please people, bugger off.

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  1. You could prove global warming by starting the numbers in february and finishing in July, or global cooling by doing the reverse.

    No doubt if we have a government which liked meddling in industrial policy, at the same time the recession ends, it will be hailed as a success.

  2. How does one measure “actual volume of goods”? We don’t make what we made 40 years ago, how would you compare a plastic and silicon talking doggie of today with a pressed steel clockwork talking doggie of yesteryear.

    And I would expect to get a better ton of steel for a smaller proportion of my wages today than I got in the age of clockwork talking doggies, so how would I compare modern steel to yesteryear’s steel – a simple ton is surely going to be of less finanacial worth (though better steel) than it was.

    And I don’t want to work in a factory nor do the rest of us, office jobs are easier and nicer (generally speaking). And the chinese are willing to work in factories for naff all wages, so let them.

    We should jolly well hope that we are moving workers out of base industrial production, else how will we maintain TENFUCKIGFOLD superiority of our wages over the poor chinese sods toiling in the factories.

    We’ve gotta move on if we want to keep that ONE THOUSAND PERCENT wages premium over the world’s factory workers.

  3. De-industrialization? Is that where you get your stuff without having to make it? Without messy, noisy, polluting, factories? With Johny Foreigner doing the hard work while I swan around the office doing Power-Point?

    Jeez, where do I go to get some ‘de-industrialization’?

  4. Sorry, but just can’t agree with the comments above.
    Not everyone wants to swan around an office doing Power Point. Did that & got the tee-shirt back when punch cards were cutting edge technology. It’s much more fun getting your hands dirty making something. It doesn’t all have to be repetitive, production line stuff.
    Also, people who design without having any hands on experience of turning those designs into reality generally make poor designers. Yes, and I’m looking at architects here in particular. You know how much I detest you.

  5. “It’s much more fun getting your hands dirty making something.”

    Why should I pay for your fun when I need pay Johny Foreigner so much less?

    My Power-Point point was for comedic emphasis only. If you want to spend your time banging on a drum or a piece of steel, loafing about or any other damn thing – good for you.

    I too despise architects – I build and re-build rental buildings, single and multi family for a living so I get to deal with architectural end product a lot. Not fun. Are they as bad as lawyers, do you think?

  6. Fred
    “Why should I pay for your fun when I need pay Johny Foreigner so much less?”

    I suppose because if you aren’t paying for fun you will be paying for people to be sitting around on sosh doing bugger all & working their frustrations out by being a pain in the arse. Surprisingly enough there are a lot of people who, although they don’t think very well with their heads, think quite well with their hands There are even those that would consider what you might reckon to be a boring tedious chore a fulfilling occupation & take a pride in doing it to the best of their abilities. And anyway, what’s so clever about Power Point? Or a lot of IT skills? Why is writing endless code better than stamping out endless hubcaps?

    Having done similar to yourself, I found the annoying part was realising that by the end of the project the amount of revisions I’d had to argue out with the architect amounted to my having effectively redesigned the building. Yet he was the guy getting 50 squid’n hour & I was doing it in my own time. The classic was the rendering sand that, as specified, would have had to be brought in from the Midlands at enormous cost & two weeks delay. Why? Because that was the specification he’d used the last time he’d met that structural requirement. He just cut & pasted the spec from a previous drawing. Solution? Bagged sand from the local Wickes DIY met exactly the same requirement.

    Two alligators were lying on a sandbank in the sun. The small one looked at the big one and mused “I don’t understand it. We both hatched at the same time. Why are you twice as big as me?”
    The big alligator asked ” What are you eating?”
    The small one replied ” Same as you. Lawyers”
    “Where are you getting them?”
    “Same as you. From that big law practice, edge of town by the river.”
    “What do you do when you grab one?”
    “Shake the shit out of him and swallow him”
    “Ah” said the big alligator ” I see where you’re going wrong. Shake the shit out of a lawyer and all your left is the lips and a briefcase”

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