Can we shoot them, please……please?

The government will this week launch an attempt to deny soldiers crippled in battle full compensation for their injuries.

The MoD is arguing that they should only have to pay compensation for the original injury, not for any complications that might result from treatment, infection, etc.

Please, can we shoot them.


8 thoughts on “Can we shoot them, please……please?”

  1. I wouldn’t shoot the lefty scum, Id put them all in a bus and make them drive around helmand, but then there is always the risk of their Taliban friends and Allies rescuing them, so yeah go ahead shoot them , but please remember to use dumb dumb bullets, I think its rather apt!

  2. I think that pleasure is a perquisite of Her Majesty’s forces- and in this instance I feel they have prior claim.

  3. I was out drinking last night with a rugby friend who was in the Navy. He is struggling to adapt to civvy life and is only just discovering the psychological impact of his long service in the forces. We were reminiscing about another rugby friend of ours, a Para, who drank himself to death in his 30s because he couldn’t adapt to life outside. The Navy friend was telling unflattering stories about his encounters with politicians, and the malign effect of civilians (e.g. at the MoD) trying to run the military. I am deeply, deeply ashamed and angered at how we treat our service-men and -women.

  4. Do not shoot them, waste of ammo – too expensive.

    Take Rogue Gunner’s suggestion to a new level – let them drive around in their minibus and find the IEDs – two birds with someone else’s stone..

  5. Yes, or you could make sure you still give generously at Poppy Appeal for those going to court(one of whom, incidently, is fighting currently having worked fucking hard to get to operational fitness again) are advised and supported by the Royal British Legion who were instrumental in the increases in AFCS tariffs. Although the Daily Mail decided to take credit for that themselves…natch. Better than throwing money to get the MoD off the hook imho.

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