Capri or Carpi


That\’s the image the Express used in a story about a pair of Swedish tourists who went to Carpi, an industrial town, instead of Capri, the island.

But I do have to say that that is most definitely not Capri in that picture.

I don\’t know if it is Carpi, never having been there, but I suspect that it\’s unlikely.

4 thoughts on “Capri or Carpi”

  1. No, it ain’t Capri.

    If you visit during the season, do yourself a favour and skip Capri town, where the mobs go, on the saddle of the island. Get a bus or taxi up the mountain to the little town of Anacapri. The village is quiet, the prices are cheaper, and the views are astonishing.

    A chairlift will take you to the island peak for the views. In the village is a lovely folly/villa built by a surgeon called, if I remember right, Axel Munte; and if your knees will stand it, there are steps down to Capri town and the ferry for the mainland.

    Tim adds: Aye, used to live just across the bay near Pozzuoli.

    Still remember the day we took Granny over and met Gracie Fields……

  2. No surprise over the quality of Express journalism shurley?

    This is how the self appointed ‘World’s Greatest Newspaper’ reported the adverse result for its proprietor in Desmond v. Bower :

    NEWSPAPER owner Richard Desmond expressed satisfaction last night at the conclusion of his three-week court battle with journalist Tom Bower.

    Mr Desmond, chairman of Northern and Shell, which owns the Daily Express and Sunday Express, sued Mr Bower for libel over claims made in his 2006 biography of Conrad Black.

    Although he was unsuccessful in establishing that he was libelled, Mr Desmond said it had been worth bringing the action in order to get the opportunity to put the record straight.

    Following the verdict before Mr Justice Eady in Court 13 of the Royal Courts of Justice, Mr Desmond, who was accompanied every day throughout the case by his wife Janet, said he remained satisfied he had brought the action.

    Mr Desmond said: “I sued Mr Bower for defamation because he made inaccurate and damaging allegations about me, yet he refused to apologise and publish a correction.

    “Bower made a series of errors about events and timings and even got the name of one of my newspapers wrong.

    “His biggest mistake was in thinking I would not go to court to uphold my reputation and the resulting action has cost many hundreds of thousands of pounds to defend a few ill-thought-out remarks that were not even essential to his book.”

    Mr Desmond concluded: “It was worth it to stand up in court and set the record straight.”

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