Chuka Umunna

The Labour Party candidate for Streatham at the next election is calling for electoral reform.

He\’s defending a majority (or rather, will be) of around 7,500.

Clearly, worried that in the current times this won\’t be a large enough cushion to get him elected.

5 thoughts on “Chuka Umunna”

  1. “Just look at my party: Labour has been so busy speaking to those 200,000 voters that just under 5 million others have stopped voting for us since 2001 because we’d stopped talking to them.”

    You might want to ask yourself why, Chuka. Could it be because they didn’t like what they had to say?

  2. It doesn’t really matter. Now that the national parliaments are merely local provincial councils of the EU Government, we can expect all kinds of idle tinkering with how they are constituted to attempt to create the illusion of political and democratic engagement. They have little real power left, hence an increasing interest in structural experimentation.

  3. I’ve actually met Chuka Umunna and was very impressed by him, as are many other people I know. He is articulate, clever and believes in making things better. I hope he does win and wish him all the best. We need more like him who will speak up on important issues. I only wish there were more like him!

  4. Well, Todd/Chuka, the best thing you can do to “make things better” is to STOP DOING THINGS. If you’re as clever as you claim you are, you must have noticed that every time the Government acts, it makes things worse in complicated and unforeseen ways.

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