Do unicorns exist?

The challenge is to offer proof that the unicorns don\’t, in fact, exist.


Given that we\’ve run out of virgins, we\’ll never know, will we?

3 thoughts on “Do unicorns exist?”

  1. Well, if no one can prove unicorns don’t exist, what does that say for the chances of proving God does not exist?

    I mean: at least we know what unicorns look like, so it must be easier to believe in not seeing them!

    Best regards [with tongue firmly in cheek]

  2. Tim,

    The existence of those intent on proving that the unicorn is not a mythical beast is also proof that there are still boobies waiting to be hatched.

  3. just like faeries, elves, god, goddess and spirits or demons or angels- its really just a matter of question- i mean the whole universe is a matter of question. no scientist can prove what this universe is rly about- they just have theories. i guess its all up to the concept of believing in this or that.
    personally- i believe! :3
    but im into mgaick and stuff so…i would hehe lol

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