Doomed, doomed I tell \’ee

It is of course one of my pet peeves, repeated to the point of nauseam, that jobs are a cost of an enterprise, of an adventure.

Despite being one of my pet peeves, it is also true that jobs are a cost of an enterprise.

Europe’s digital economy has tremendous potential – the roll out and development of high speed broadband Internet alone could create around one million jobs in Europe,

We\’re screwed aren\’t we? Wiring up Europe might be a good idea, might not be, but when the digital minister and the digital commissioner try to justify it by lauding how many people won\’t be doing, building and creating other things then we\’re fucked.

I don\’t ask all that much of the world but I do ask that those who rule us at least pretend to be economically literate.

Clearly I\’m asking too much.

8 thoughts on “Doomed, doomed I tell \’ee”

  1. I suspect it’s because these loons genuinely think its the long term unemployed who will suddenly leap up from their sofas and fill these gloriously techie positions…

  2. …or, just possibly, they know exactly what they’re doing, but have to appeal to an electorate composed of imbeciles and cretins.

    Nearly a million people in the UK voted for the Nazis last time round, because there’s a recession on, MPs are taking the piss on expenses, and although most of them don’t live anywhere near anyone brown they’ve been told that foreigners are Terribly Bad People who Caused All The Above…

    In the face of that kind of gibbering stupidity, a bit of populist recourse to the job-creation fallacy to justify something that’s a good idea anyway is hardly the end of the world.

  3. See? Lies are ok, if you tell them for the right reasons.

    After all, the population is composed of idiots and imbeciles, with only johnb’s towering intellect shining out like a beacon.

    The man who can’t quite grasp the ‘6 months’ concept… 😉

  4. Actually, the problem is frequently that even when you do explain that jobs are destroyed, a lot of people don’t care.

    I put it to someone that spending £200m on Jaguar meant taking the equivalent of a Starbucks cappucino off each person. They answered that they were perfectly happy to see Starbucks lose money, and never mind the individual choice of people to buy cappuccinos rather than Jaguar cars.

    What really pisses me off though is how journalists just never challenge this. No-one ever asks what jobs will be destroyed because of the loss of income to the cappucino market.

  5. “They answered that they were perfectly happy to see Starbucks lose money…”

    That’s the Left for you. And the envious.

    Of course, they are frequently the same.

  6. Tim:

    “I do ask that those who rule us at least pretend to be economically literate.”

    You should be happy, Tim. They ARE pretending
    to be economically literate; that’s quite the problem.

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