Each year at least 55,000 victims of sex abuse face behavioural and mental health problems because of a postcode lottery in access to therapy, according to the NSPCC.

Is sex abuse really that prevalent?

Or are we talking about the usual rather expanded definition of whatever it is?

US numbers appear to be lower:

Composition of substantiated child abuse in 2000:
\"\" 879,000 children were victims of child maltreatment.
\"\" Neglect ~ 63%
\"\" Physical ~ 19%
\"\" Sexual ~ 10%
\"\" Psychological ~ 8%

ie, 89,000 in the US, adjust for population, /6, roughly 15,000 in the UK. And that still looks high according to my prejudices. So, anyone got the actual numbers?

Split into what we\’d all agree is sexual abuse of children and whatever is the expanded (I assume) definition being used by the NSPCC?

5 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. 15,000 per year; 4 years’ counselling -> 60,000

    & I don’t think 15,000 is that low. Let’s take a ballpark of 7.5m under-16s in the UK – 15,000 cases per year would imply a total incidence of 3.2% (over the whole 16 years).

    I’d say that more than one in 30 of the people I know were abused under a sensible definition of the term (ie excluding arse pinched on the bus, getting off with an 18-year-old when 15, flashed from a distance, etc)

  2. So does Snooky’s showing me how to masturbate when I was about 6 or 7 count nowadays as sex abuse ? That would be 61 years ago, and he was 2 – 3 years older.

    Don’t remember ever being traumatised by the experience. Or would the psychs tell me that I have buried the trauma so deep that only their great skills can be used for the necessary digging ?

    What a load of tripe such stats are.

    Alan Douglas

  3. @4 meh, depends on the context. In this context, no, because it’s unlikely that even if you’d been discovered [even in today’s loony-tunes climate], you’d’ve been considered someone who’d had horrible things done to them and needed counselling (which appears to be the point of this article). In the context of the kind of studies that show 10%+ of kids have been abused, probably yes.

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