Equal pay for actresses!

This is really rather snigger inducing:

Wanamaker, who appeared alongside Simon Russell Beale in Much Ado About Nothing at the National Theatre last year, said agents and bookers should be \”more careful\” when negotiating deals for female performers.

\”Women are always at the bottom as far as pay is concerned – the equal pay business is a big struggle,\” she told The Stage newspaper.

Equal pay for equal work!

Except, of course, pay is set by supply and demand, not anything else. From the same article:

A recent petition demanding equal pay for women launched by Equity, the actors\’ union, states that though \”over half the viewing public is female, in TV drama, for every female character, there are two male characters\”.

So, there is less demand for actresses as opposed to actors. If the desire to act is the same, if supply is similar, then clearly to balance supply and demand there will be differential prices.

And, umm, don\’t we regularly hear that there is a terrible shortage of roles for women of a certain age? If we\’ve got an armyette of post-menopausal women fighting for a diminished number of roles, wouldn\’t we expect their pay to go down?

A survey conducted across 20 countries last year by unions representing nearly 80,000 performers found female actors get paid less than men and have fewer work opportunities.

Well, yes, quite…..

5 thoughts on “Equal pay for actresses!”

  1. It’s a mystery to me why actresses, & for that matter actors are paid at all. Round Hampstead way there seems to be a limitless supply & as they all seem to be socialist perhaps they should be free at the point of delivery or something.

  2. there are of course certain branches of the entertainment industry were te women “actors” get paid considerably more tan the men…..supply/demand and all that

  3. Simon Russell Beale is self evidently worth more than Zoe Wanamaker. Zoe may be a fine actress but SRB is quite simply something else – you should see him at least once in your life.

  4. Dame Edna Everage chatting to an older actress:

    “Do you find the parts drying up as you get older?”

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