Erm, why?

Although Lord Mandelson is the government\’s first secretary, the jobs of foreign secretary, chancellor of the exchequer or prime minister would pose constitutional difficulties for an unelected peer.

Anyone remember Lord Carrington?

9 thoughts on “Erm, why?”

  1. Viscount Halifax? Earl Home? In the 19th Century almost all foreign secretaries were titled.

    Or are we saying that 1997 was Year Zero for the British Constitution? Sure feels like it for our liberties.

  2. I wouldn’t put the Argies re-invading the Falklands past that incompetent shyster Mandy, mind.

  3. Well, dearieme, being deservedly incarcerated in the Scrubs should, ideally, be a significant inpediment to taking up the duties of a great office of state, but if that were a limiting criterion the current cabinet would be almost wholly bereft of members (and bereft of heads on its shoulders, were true justice to reign.)

  4. Little Black Sambo

    I should have thought that which House he sat in would have been the least of our/his worries.

  5. Yes, the last Prime Minister from the House of Lords was Robert Cecil, Marquess of Salisbury. Would that all Prime Ministers since then had his decency and integrity (although he wasn’t above a bit of nepotism; hence the phrase ‘Bob’s Your Uncle’).

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Shhhh! Any reason to keep Mandy out of yet another office is worth supporting. Even if not strictly true. So keep schtum.

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