Explaining Lenin

No, no, our Lenin, not the Russian one.

I spent about six years working in call centres,

Explains a hell of a lot really.

6 thoughts on “Explaining Lenin”

  1. Explains a hell of a lot really?

    You really are an ejit of colossal proportions. Arrogant, contemptuous, ignorant. You obviously come from a privileged background too. You never had to put up with a crap job or with abusive employers. You pontificate and lecture, but you really are a little man.
    Don’t forget karma. Because no-one knows quite when, but it will strike back at some point.
    You are the direct product of decades of tabloid-dictated bullying. Thinking that it’s cool, and it’s alright, while in fact revealing deep weaknesses and deeply-entrenched psychological needs.
    This blog is pants.

    Tim adds: Certainly I come from a privileged background. So does anyone who comes from late 20th century Britain compared to either the rest of humanity or the historical comparison. As to crap jobs and abusive employers….well, my equivalent of the call centre job was 8 years as a waiter/bartender, four years before, then during and after university. More recently I did day labour in a warehouse sorting used ink jet cartridges because I needed the money…..but of course it’s easy enough to slag off people you know nothing about, isn’t it?

  2. were did you school, Worstall? Was it Eton or The Other Place?

    Tim adds: Downside….the family’s Papist you see…..

  3. I guess the night shift clocked off, then..?

    “You obviously come from a privileged background too. You never had to put up with a crap job or with abusive employers.”

    Nope, you’re the only one on the planet to have ever, ever experienced that. Do tell us all about it?

    “..were did you school, Worstall?”

    Somewhere they taught spelling, obviously…

  4. Tim,

    Having worked in at least seven call centres over the past 11 years (I lost count twice trying to remember them all), I would be very grateful if you could explain just what fact or facts concerning the writer to whom you have linked are explained a hell of a lot by them having worked in call centres for six.

    I’m puzzled.

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