William Leith tells us that he became ill because he didn\’t sleep either enough or with any regularity.

This is of course all the fault of the modern capitalist and consumerist society.

Hmm….perhaps if he\’d just had the odd siesta?

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  1. “I can look back at my life and trace the lines of what was happening to me. For years I didn’t sleep enough. That was the problem. My routines were shaped by late nights, alarm clocks, coffee and alcohol. For a period in my 30s I snorted a lot of cocaine. I watched late-night TV. I watched breakfast TV. In between I fitted in five or six hours of sleep. Sometimes seven. Sometimes 10. Not a healthy routine, it turns out.

    Gosh! Ya think…?

  2. What is this issue related to “relentless consumption”? Who/what is compelling individuals to consume, consume, consume?99.9% of my purchases have all been a matter of choice.

    Advertising and marketing are often “blamed” by the statist-set for this relentless consumption. I am not of the belief that individuals are that weak-minded.

  3. Of course the overriding factor in ‘Kate’s’ exhaustion is how she has to slog twenty miles every day under a burning sun and the constant threat of militia attack to find fresh water.

    What’s that you say? That she’s a whiny suburban bitch living in the most affluent society the world has yet seen, enjoying access to food, shelter, healthcare, transport and entertainment utterly unavailable (or even comprehensible) to the emperors of yore? Boo hoo, Kate. Boo fucking hoo.

  4. it is an article so completely stuffed with idiocy and grauniadic tropes that I don’t know where to begin.

  5. So, he is juxtaposing snorting coke, late nights boozing, etc etc with landing on the Normandy beaches?! Fuck, the ultimate “hey, look at me” article.

    Just. Fuck. Off.

  6. Well, let’s not entirely dismiss this. Historically, outbreaks of psychosomatic and psyschological illness seem to accompany fucked up societies. At times of heavy religious nutballery for instance. They may well be suffering from living in a Progressive Society- that is, one which is heavily regulated yet extremely insecure, drowned in bureaucracy, and riven by neurotic beliefs regarding health etc.

    What these people are suffering from is a lack of personal and economic freedom and an insane cultural hegemony, perhaps. It’s a “Red Queen” society, in which you have to run just as hard as you can just to stay where you are. Not a result of “consumerism” or “choice” or “wealth”, but of being governed by secular theocrats.

  7. “One thing Lipman realised was that his poor patients did not have electric light – “they were forced to live with the rhythms of nature”


    ” It makes us into predatory producers and hungry consumers. It promotes individualism. It erodes community spirit.”

    Two words, sweetcakes.

    North. Korea.

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass and all that.

  8. Ian B: just for the sake of argument, let’s entirely dismiss this. And then let’s find the perpetrators and hit them in the face with a pillow-case full of brass doorknobs.

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