Four years ago today

Nosemonkey nailed it:

Cheers for the messages of support. London\’s grateful. And we\’re going to keep our heads. Stiff upper lip and all that – wouldn\’t do to get all emotional. Hardly British – and if we stop being British about it, the bastards have won. So we\’ll have a few beers, make as many sick jokes about it in pubs up and down the land as we can, and get on with our lives as normal. Other than causing the grief of too many innocent people, these cunts will have achieved precisely fuck all. We shall not be moved.

And just to remind you, the young shaver Clive collected some money from the likes of you and me and invited the St. John\’s Ambulance crews who had helped out on the day for a bevvie or two.

Proud to be British really.

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