Fun and games

Demos has a new game for us all to play.


Answer some questions about why you are on the left.

I did so: properly, not in jest, pointing out that I\’m a liberal, a radical and even a progressive. Of course I\’m on the left. Just because I\’m not a statist doesn\’t mean that I\’m not concerned with liberty and the rest.

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  1. It’s all just words, “fairness”, “justice”, “equality”. Blah blah blah. Noise, just noise. None of them mean anything any more. It’s like the unfamiliarity one gets when a word is repeated too often (is there an English word for that feeling?).

  2. To the question “How would you describe the sort of society you want Britain to be?”, I answered:

    I want a just society; one which acknowledges that its members are all equal, and whose rules are applied impartially to each member. A society in which each person is allowed to keep what he earns is likely to be a just one because this right can apply to all. Conversely, a society in which one man receives the fruits of another’s labour while not labouring himself is de facto unjust; if we all spend our days in repose, there will obviously be no-one to labour for us. A political system which results in such a society is inherently evil because it differentiates between those who must produce and those who will consume, treating the former as the slaves of the latter. In a just society, men are treated as equals, just as they are born as equals.

    What are the chances of publication?

  3. I am on the left because I reject the existing order of conservative hierarchy: statism, collectivism and serfdom, whichever the flavour of the day maybe. I support the radical liberal ideal of freedom, and the decentralization of power right down to the individual, for I believe that humans flourish best in a state of voluntary co-operation, as opposed to when they are coerced in the name of somebody else’s ‘ideal end’.

    Let us see how they like ‘them apples’.

  4. Are they deleting comments? I clicked on a couple of the “Recent Comments” that didn’t exist on the posts.

  5. “Are they deleting comments?”

    Did the state censor Solzhenitsyn? (Actually, no: they sent him to a gulag; we should be lucky the Left in this country only delete the comments and not the authors).

  6. “Of course I’m on the left. Just because I’m not a statist doesn’t mean that I’m not concerned with liberty and the rest.”

    Can you not be on the right and concerned about liberty? (And possibly ‘the rest’?)

  7. Can you not be on the right and concerned about liberty?

    No. Being on the right means supporting the Church and the aristocracy against liberalism, parliament and free trade.

  8. “Being on the right means supporting the Church and the aristocracy against liberalism, parliament and free trade.”

    I’m on the right and I don’t go to church, don’t support the aristocracy (though I don’t particularly want to smash it either), I’m in favour of free trade and I want the government to get the hell out of my life.
    On the other hand, being on the left means supporting unelected bureaucrats who lay down the law and secret policemen who watch your every move to ensure compliance – whether it’s the left of Stalin or Blair/Brown.
    You guys just have different religions – eg environmentalism – and different aristos.
    And as for the left supporting free trade… ha ha ha.

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