I didn\’t know this.

Well, I did know this:

Sugar\’s oft-repeated views on how he tears up the CVs of women who look a bit fertile.

But not this:

The latest controversy is a sex discrimination case brought by an employee, Brid Johal, who says she was passed over for promotion while on maternity leave.

Is anyone actually surprised at what Sugar is alleged to do? Someone who isn\’t there for a year must be considered for promotion?

5 thoughts on “I didn\’t know this.”

  1. If their policy is to promote on the basis of prior year performance, and her prior year performance took her to promotable level, then she might have a point.

  2. “Ministers are now understood to be seeking a face-saving exit for Phillips which could see him transferred to another quango. The recent departure of Neil Kinnock from the British Council after his wife, Glenys, was made a minister, opened a possible vacancy but would mean a significant drop in salary for Phillips.”

    Ah bless.

  3. “Sugar’s oft-repeated views on how he tears up the CVs of women who look a bit fertile.”

    And remembering J**** C**** who works(ed?) in his office in Brentwood, no he bloody doesn’t. No way. Worrrrrr.

  4. It does happen, my wife was promoted while on maternity leave for 10 months. However, I am pretty sure the salary bump would have been bigger if they had any guarantee she wouldn’t be doing it again.

  5. Alan Sugar should be able to promote or fire anyone he likes at the drop of a hat. If he doesn’t like black people, or Jews, or women who look like they’re in imminent danger of getting up the spout, and prefers fat middle-aged guys with facial hair that looks like the fur round a billy goat’s cock, then that might make him a twat but it shouldn’t be illegal.

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