I do wonder you know

The News of the World made payments to its disgraced royal editor Clive Goodman and private investigator Glenn Mulcaire after the two men were jailed for phone hacking, MPs were told today .

Now let\’s assume that what has been accused is true: that people knew all about this hacking. That people were, while on contract, breaking the law.

So, they get caught, tried, convicted. What is the management supposed to do? Cut them off without a penny? Or stand by them?

Interesting little conundrum, no?

1 thought on “I do wonder you know”

  1. During his appearance in front of the committee Coulson appeared to infer that they didn’t sack the boy until after he’d been found guilty, as (Coulson believed) it could have had a negative impact on his defence. I think he also said the post-guilty payments were related to compensation for their not following the correct dismissal procedures subsequent to the conviction.

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