I dunno really

Mr Djanogly, a millionaire, claimed up to £640 a month to pay a number of students. The currently employed student, a Pole identified as Miss G, lives at Mr Djanogly’s designated main home in London and attends language school lessons. The MP said his expense claims covered the cost of Miss G cleaning his designated second home 100 miles away in his constituency of Huntingdon, Cambs, on three days a week — Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

However, he confirmed that the cleaning money — funded by the taxpayer — was the student’s only income and that she had sometimes looked after his children. They are now aged 12 and 13 and at boarding school but were of primary school age when the payments began.

Surely the important point is this: is the payment of a nanny or au pair something that has to be done so that Mr. Djangoly can perform his parliamentary duties? The answer of course is yes.

We cannot expect the child of a millionaire, a corporate finance parter at SJ Berwin, to have to look after his own children. Nor, of course, can we expect a woman who marries into such an illustrious background to do so. To insist that either in fact did, simply as a complementary sacrifice to his serving the public for only 64,000 a year plus expenses, would be a denial of everything the British upper middle classes stand for.

As for the idea that they might pay for their children to be cared for themselves, what are you wibbling on about? This is politics, don\’t forget. It is absolutely right that the poor be taxed so as to maintain the lifestyles of those who rule over them.

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