I\’m kicking myself

Absolutely fuming.

This is such a good idea I just wish I had thought of it.

The thing about freelancing is that you\’ve no idea of what work you\’re going to get in the future. So being able to con an editor into agreeing to run 100 articles, one a month, is pretty good. That they\’re committed to 100 pieces of intensely dreary tosh isn\’t, but still great for the writer.

Like Andrew Simms, who s currently in month 11 of his run:

89 months and counting

This truly is bizarre though:

They\’re still out there, the deniers, but they become increasingly exotic. And excuses for inaction on global warming become stranger. One I found would have us believe that spending on wind farms was responsible globally for \”killing millions\” through the misallocation of resources.

Now Andrew works for the new economics foundation. It\’s pretty strange to come across someone who has any claim to knowledge of economics who is going to deny one of the basic tenets of the subject, that of opportunity costs, isn\’t it? That if you spend tens of billions on windmills then you can\’t spend those same tens of billions on vaccines, or clean water, or whatever else that might save more lives?

6 thoughts on “I\’m kicking myself”

  1. Does the ‘new economics foundation’ have any ties to Murphy’s ‘new economic’ theories?

    That might help explain things.

  2. “I do hope the incoming Tory government scraps funding nef.”

    Do you think for one second that the Tories are going to continue fund this nest of lefties?

  3. Amount of money nef receives from the current government = £0

    And, since you mention it, we’ve had some very constructive conversations with the Tory research and policy team recently. You won’t be rid of us that easily, I’m afraid.

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  5. You cheeky little fecker, Sam! I bloody well read the sodding accounts of nef, an hour of my life I’d rather have back. nef damn well do get money from the Government.

    The accounts are highly opaque, I am sure deliberately so. They are set up as an umbrella for ‘feeder’ charities, which don’t publish accounts, and the umbrella doesn’t publish accounts for them either. But they did ‘fess up to receiving money from local and national government.

    I asked nef for details on Government funding but have been ignored. I’ve not bothered to follow any of this up because you bunch of shits are for the chopper when your one-eyed son of the manse gets chopped next year, and I’d rather do something else than chase doomed lefties.

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