Insulting Simon Cowell

Finally, a good reason to do so.

As if we needed one…..

2 thoughts on “Insulting Simon Cowell”

  1. What do you mean “over here”? I wasn’t aware that Simon Cowell was sent to Portugal.

    Or are you pretending to be in America (and American?) for the purposes of insulting your fellow Englishman?

    Tim adds: I do indeed need to “be in America” to write for that site.

  2. Sorry, mate, I think you’re out of order there. From what we see in that clip, Simon Cowell gives his verdict in his usual, honest, direct but perfectly polite way. “Sorry, sweetheart, I don’t think you’re right for this show.” And, as often happens on the UK version, the entrant thinks that she knows better than the guy who is where he is precisely because HE knows better.

    OK, it’s unfortunate that she was killed. (Sad? Doesn’t that imply some sort of attachment to the victim?) Simon had nothing to do with that; judging by her reaction there, she was quite likely to have provoked her assailant (not that that justifies anything).

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