Interesting meaning of the word \”makes\”

The Johnnie Walker brand makes Diageo £1bn per year.


Guinness brewer Diageo today revealed its profits took a minor fall as it admitted entering a challenging period.

Profits before tax for the last 12 months stood at £2.093 billion, down £2 million on the previous year.


The Johnnie Walker brand makes half of the company\’s profits, does it?

Or are we using the word \”makes\” to mean revenue, without actually looking at the costs of getting that revenue?

4 thoughts on “Interesting meaning of the word \”makes\””

  1. In Wetherspoons, Black Label costs about 50p more for a shot than Glenmorangie, Laphroaig or Glenlivet. I’ve never had the slightest interest in buying JWBL in an offy, but I’m happy to take David’s word for it…

  2. Wow, you mean Diageo’s business has overheads? I never knew!

    You could get in the papers with that kind of insightful writing, you know.

    Tim adds: I do…..

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