Is Tamiflu potentially more dangerous than Swine Flu?

New blog by an excellent researcher, Mark Croucher.

Asking the important question, is the use of Tamiflu possibly more dangerous than the flu itself?

5 thoughts on “Is Tamiflu potentially more dangerous than Swine Flu?”

  1. Luckily, you can use the Daily Mail headline rule-of-thumb on this piece: any question posed in a headline has the answer “no”.

  2. @dearieme… In practise, I’m a US citizen….

    @johnb… erm, yes, if you look at the viral resistance rates that oseltamivir creates.. if something serious comes along, there’s nothing left to fight it with….

  3. I dunno, you come over here, colonise our political parties and abuse our language. Or colonize and abuze, no doubt.

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