Latest gay marriage outrage!

Homosexual \”weddings\” should be celebrated in churches, a Government minister has said in defiance of religious teaching.

Or not, as the case may be:

\”I would like to see churches be much more open to the idea of gay relationships or partnerships being celebrated in church.\”

It\’s not really a Minister stating that this should happen.

It\’s an individual who happens to be a Minister saying that he would like to see this happen.

Chris Bryant is free to ask that the CoE and RC change their dogma. Just as I am free to ask Wahhabbi clerics to agree that this Mohammed thing was really a bit of a joke, wasn\’t it? Brought on by excessive contemplation of camels and deserts?

That the Wahhabbi, CoE and RC clerics need take no damn notice of either of us is also a given. For neither of us, Minister or not, has the right to insist that other people change their beliefs nor the structure of their religious orgnaisation.

We only have the right to go off and found our own religion which accords more closely with our own beliefs/prejudices.

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  1. For the really sad people, the sort that normally read this blog, it is well worth digging out what Thomas Aquinas wrote on sex as it is the basis of the Christian Churches beliefs. (It only became dogma in the 1870s)

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