Michael Jackson\’s send off

Casting by Simon Cowell:

Shaheen shot to fame earlier this year after singing the Jackson 5 hit Who\’s Lovin\’ You on ITV\’s Britain\’s Got Talent and the Jackson family has chosen him to pay tribute to the late singer in the most spectacular celebrity send-off of all time.

Is it too desperately cynical  of me to think there\’s a quid pro quo here?

That we might end up with a Jackson 4 tour (or all the siblings) promoted by Cowell, perhaps in his new joint venture with Phillip Green?

You give Shaheen a shot at global exposure and….?

3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson\’s send off”

  1. Actually it would still be a Jackson 5 tour.

    When the youngest brother, Randy joined the group, the name became The Jacksons.

    …and let’s not forget the 3 sisters who all sing too.

  2. The whole bandwagon has become hideous. The seedy revelations about his condition, the parade of hustlers attending the memorial extravaganza, and the family’s bid to bury him some place they could turn into a shrine and keep the revenue stream going.

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