Most amusing

The Independent on Jonathan Porritt:

Educated at Eton and Oxford, Porritt is in theory doubly-titled – he is \”Hon\” as the son of a life peer, and also Sir Jonathon Porritt, Bart, having inherited the baronetcy which was also awarded to his father. But he makes little of any of this and is a very different creature from the aristo-greens and celebrity-greens who pop up from time to time on Britain\’s environmental scene.

They then refer to him as Sir Jonathan throughout.

Tee Hee.

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  1. Hi Tim and readers,

    This is OT but I read a book review in today’s FT (for which I can find no link on their site) that I thought might interest you and your readers.

    “Life, Inc” by Douglas Rushkoff.

    Apparently the man thinks that the best time in human history was Europe between 1100-1300 AD.

    150 public holidays a year and – get this – women were taller.

    Apparently, according to the reviewer (Jonathan Birchall)

    “the notion of the business corporation, whose birth he traces to the spread of centralised currencies in the years before the Black Death”
    [ ]
    “Rushkoff arrives at the idea of ‘time dollars’ a localised value exchange”

    The the reviewer wryly notes

    “Rushkoff’s book, meanwhile, is for sale for real money, backed by his persoanl website, his blogs, his MySpace and Facebook pages and all the accessories of personnal brand building of the corporate world”.

    Not my cup of tea but thought you might have fun with it.

  2. “… and is a very different creature from the aristo-greens and celebrity-greens…”?

    Shouldn’t that say “… and is exactly like all the other aristo-greens and celebrity-greens …”?

    Only he’s getting paid a handsome salary for it, and not just bathing in the righteous publicity.

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