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Churches should try harder to make bald and overweight people feel welcome, according to new guidance that is being issued to clergy.

A Church of England book published this week says they should be regarded as worshippers with \”special needs\” alongside the blind, the deaf, breast-feeding mothers, very short people and readers of tabloid newspapers.

Well, some comment \”very short people\”? Dwarves? \”Tabloid newspaper\” readers?

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  1. Tim, I think “readers of tabloid newspapers” means people who update their information on Katie & Peter during the sermon. Your apparent misunderstanding reminds me of an old joke.
    Optician: You must stop masturbating. Man: Why, is it making me go blind? Optician: No, but it’s annoying the other customers.

  2. They were doing an egg-drop project, modeled after the Mars rovers, and their teacher had them each write questions to Steve Squyres about the rover mission. ,

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