Oh dearie me

Note to Guardian leader writers:

If exposing public goods to market forces changes the way that people feel about them, the implications could be profound.

If you\’re going to start talking about economics and public goods, would be worth finding out what a public good is first.

When bureaucracies price things which should not be priced – endangered species, future generations or even individual lives – they start trading them off against other objectives, instead of appreciating their absolute obligations.

What do you mean \”individual lives\” should not be priced? Should not be traded off against other objectives? What in buggery do you think NICE does? Slaps a value on one quality adjusted life year and refuses to pay for a treatment that costs more than that.

These things have to be valued, otherwise we have no idea of how much of our resources should be spent on them.

5 thoughts on “Oh dearie me”

  1. Yes, it’d be far better if we just gave all drugs to everyone irrespective of their benefit/cost ratio. Also, unlimited lollipops and unicorns for every child.

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