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Operation Ore

Looks like that edifice is finally going to come tumbling down.

A test case is to be heard in the chourt of appeal within weeks, which will challenge the investigation for the first time and could expose a \”huge miscarriage of justice\”, lawyers claim.

Chris Saltrese, the solicitor representing the convicted man, Anthony O\’Shea, said: \”If his appeal is successful the convictions of others for the same offence will fall too.

\”We are talking in the hundreds and we say this is a huge miscarriage of justice.\”

10 thoughts on “Operation Ore”

  1. I think you are being too generous Obo. I think there are sections of those institutions that are outright evil.

  2. So someone steals your credit card details, uses them to buy child porn, and you lose your entire life.


  3. Also note that neither Tim nor the Telegraph piece even referred to Bates, so bringing him in is a particularly poisonous non-sequitur (even if you believe he really was ‘disgraced’ rather than ‘disgracefully fitted up’)

  4. “..bringing him in is a particularly poisonous non-sequitur..”

    And there’s something I can agree with johnb on. See, he doesn’t always talk absolute crap.

    Unlike when he successfully tries to predict how many times false rape cases actually occur…

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