Foreign criminals have been awarded compensation of £500,000 for being kept in custody beyond their release date.

The prisoners were held while the Government considered whether to deport them.

Under our system you can\’t be held in gaol without a court having approved a reason for you being there.  You\’ve been sentenced, you\’re on remand, a judge or a magistrate has to sign off on your being there.

We do not have a system (unlike many other places) where you rot in gaol while a bureaucrat tries to make up their mind. Yes, this applies to Johnny Foreigner as it does to us indigenes. As it rightly should.

Only one change I would make to this though: the money should come from those bureaucrats who made the error in the first place.

5 thoughts on “Quite”

  1. It appears the government totally underestimated the number of these orders that would be issued, and failed to provide enough staff to meet the requirements.

    So, yes, this is totally on Brown’s head.

  2. Of course we could give visas on the condition – that if you break the law you will be held for up to 2-3 years whilst deportation is considered.
    Then their imprisonment would legal.

  3. But by ‘release date’ do they mean the usual 50% of the sentence or that these foreign cons have served 100% of the time handed down ?

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