Ritchie strikes back!

Tim Worstall posted three blogs on me in an afternoon – nice of him – but all utterly unintelligible playing solely to his thuggish following

This is the reality of the Right – challenge the Daily Mail and you get threatened – by the right wing thuggery.

You and I folks, we\’re thugs. So sayeth the Oracle.

As to why I go on about him he does, sadly, have some influence and exposing his near lunacy is a way of attempting to reduce that influence. As PG Wodehouse made clear with Roderick Spode the English way to deal with fanatics is to mock them.

11 thoughts on “Ritchie strikes back!”

  1. Murphy does not seem to understand that it is not the “power of his ideals” which is the big draw to the TR-UK website. It is the lamp-post scratching entertainment value of his “ideals” which sustains TR-UK readership.

  2. To equal the intellectual content of one of Murphy’s utterances I have a simple strategy: 1) eat a highly fibrous meal 2) take 4 tbsp of Milk of Magnesia 3) take the next day off.

  3. I disagree about mocking Ritchie. I think he’s like child pornography: he provides confirmation to other hateful people that their views are shared by others and are therefore “normal”.

  4. Murphy is becoming more oracular every day….take this sentence:

    Rationality is imposed justificiation for action, not the cource of it

    and try to detect any meaning whatsoever in it.

  5. Well, Mr. Murphy, I’ll have you know I stopped being a thug long ago.

    It played havoc with my manicure.

  6. Do you mind if I submit a ‘Ritchie’ quote:

    “Paul is right: libertariansim is a threat

    There’s no chance it can have electoral traction – but it drives the Daily Mail and Taxpayer’s Alliance and that’s poisonous enough. It is a cancer undermining society and we need to challenge it.”

    The Daily Mail is libertarian?!

  7. I am getting “Worstall’s Boot Boys” tattooed round my neck tomorrow. Murphy beware!

  8. God, newspapers actually employ people like him,….. I’m shocked, shocked I tellyou.


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